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Recent Stories

Rachel and George

In the heart of the English countryside, lies the little village of Olveston where Rachel and George woke the town with their English summer fete and said their vows. 


The Depths of the Frozen Lake

We embarked on a hiking adventure through the borders of Southern Poland to reach the top of the Tatra Mountain and to Slovakia with a blind eye and our regretful singular language tongue.

Journey to the Ice Fields

From pools of erupting sulphur to mountains of glistening dust, we travelled through the lungs of another world, across a narrowing gulf of black sand.


The oldest part of the Jurassic Coast

Along the oldest part of the Jurassic Coast, we photographed a little pre-shoot of Rachel and George before their wedding. 


Timothy is a solo artist from Cyprus who came to visit the Golden city of Bath to record his single. We went on a little venture along to river to capture some promo shots.